Thursday, 15 December 2016

Ali Baba Reacts To Super Falcons' Protest Over Unpaid Allowances

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When a delegation of the National Assembly go represent us outside Nigeria, did they get their estacodes? What about the OPEC meetings? Do ministers who go on foreign trips to shore up our international relevance and bring FDI... ask that funds be released to them? When it even comes to elections, do monies that were meant for prosecuting a war get promptly diverted to win the elections, while the dispensable soldiers get blown to eternity? Do the soldiers who then protest get courtmatialled?
So what is all these noise about? Have you heard that the retirees who served this country and still haven't gotten pensions, die on the reaccreditation queues complain? These Falcons are lucky they were not soldiers! The gaurdroom they would have been put would have been cold and humbling. How dare you? How dare you ask? How dare you even think of protesting? OK the silver medalists got celebrated in their countries... so? See,... you are all better behave yourselves. The other room is occupied so there is no room for this recalcitrant behaviour. Protesting for peanuts! Mscheeeeeeeeew! Can't you see how we treat our stadia? Go and ask well... some people who played with Segun Odegbami don't have their gifts yet. Do the maths. Go solve the mathematics of we-don't-care-raised-to-power-shioooor. Are you the first to represent your country. Okwaraji died. We no send am. Talk less you sumall sumall girls that don't know anything. Falcons kor... far cry ni.

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