Friday, 4 November 2016

Woman spends a day lying in coffin to experience her own funeral, says ‘Being dead was the best day of my life’

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A Brazilian lady identified as Vera Lucia da Silva was super excited after fulfilling a 14 year dream of experiencing her own funeral while pretending to be dead for a day. The 44 year old whose husband gave her his consent to take part in the celebration of the Day of Dead in South American, held the unbelievable ceremony on Wednesday, November 2, at a funeral home in Camocim, with her friends and family in attendance.

According to her, she said: 'I wanted to hold my own funeral 14 years ago. I've waited a long time and can't believe that at last this wish has been granted, when I invited my friends and family they thought I was joking and they didn't take it seriously. ‘Being dead was the best day of my life.’ See more photos below....

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