Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nollywood Diva Grace Ama Says Jungle Justice Must Stop Now!!!

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Nollywood Actress, Ebonyi State Ambassador and Mother of one Grace Ama took to her instagram to talk about the boy who was burnt to death in lagos.

 Here was what she wrote:

7 Years Old Burnt to Death for Stealing? Oh God where are you?
No, this barbarism must stop. What could have made anybody in this country today to set ablaze a young Nigerian at the age of 7 years simply because he was accused of stealing garri. Even if he had stolen the garri as alleged, was that enough reason for anybody to not only beat but take the young lad's life? Even our two major religions in Nigeria-Christianity and Islam are known for providing for the poor and hungry. When Mary Magdalene as reported in the Scripture, was brought to Jesus to be stoned for adultery. Jesus told them, let he who had no sin cast the first stone. All of them left the woman and ran away
Who is that Nigerian dead or alive while growing up never had to steal from his or her parents or neighbours? When did our society degenerate to the level that we no longer place premium to life again, not even life of young children growing up. Did anybody consider what family, background or what would have made the young boy to steal garri to quench hunger. Among those who were standing, admiring and cheering the young boy's execution by his killers, were there no responsible citizens who would have stopped such barbarism? Why would those people seen standing around only watched such evil act without action? Oh my God, what has our society turned to?
It is time Nigerian government set example with perpetrators of jungle justice. Nigeria is a country ruled by law which provides protection for its citizens and penalty for offences. It's not long ago four young Nigerians in the University of Port Harcourt (ALUU4) were killed in the same manner in the name of stealing a laptop. Till today, no known action has been taken by the government to deal with the perpetrators. Several of such cases happen in our society daily and the security agencies look the other way. After a few arrest, nothing will happen or seen to have been done.
I call on Mr. President, Members of the National Assembly and Security Agencies to take immediate steps to unravel the case of this 7 years old boy. It must never be allowed to go the way of others. No! It is shocking, traumatic, humiliating, Shameful and indeed an embarrassement to our nation and mostly for Lagosians for such a thing to happen. It is sad that many who watched the gory scene could could only video and send to Internet. I am a mother and I feel the pain of the parents of this boy even if he stole garri. What if that garri was all he needed to live or survive at that moment?
The Government must take immediate steps to order the arrest and prosecution of all the perpetrators and ensure that the penalty for murder is meted to them. As that young cried tears and blood till he died in the flame of fire, so those involved in the henious act and their families will burn to ashes in mysterious circumstances. They will never know peace both in this world and the world after. Those perpetrators are cursed forever.
We need action to set good example as deterrent to future occurrence. This young boy must not die in vain😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭. Jungle justice must stop now in Nigeria.

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