Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Asiata Adupe Onikoyi Laguda, Oldest Person Living With Sickle Cell Turns 91

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Alhaja Asiata Adupe Onikoyi Laguda was last year celebrated as one of the oldest persons living with sickle cell in the world. She turned 91 yesterday, November 1st 2016.

And as you can see in this photo released by her granddaughter, Moyo Asekun - CEO PĂ©rola Moda, she is still bubbling with health and proof that sickle cell disease can be conquered!

At the time Alhaja Asiata Adupe Onikoyi Laguda was born in 1925 into the Onikoyi Chieftaincy family of Lagos, there was no immunization, no new-born screening, no hydroxyurea, no inkling that
hydration with just water could go a long way in dealing with sickle cell disease.

At that time, the average life expectancy of children born with sickle cell disorder was just five years.

Due to the high level of illiteracy at the time of her birth, she was never diagnosed with sickle cell. She endured years of pain, which kept her away from school till she was 12 years old. Her pain was so severe and frequent that she would beg God to let her die.

But she defied the odds... She survived sickle cell. Happy birthday to her!

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