Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Armed Robbers Killed In Port-Harcourt During Police Shootout (Graphic Photos)

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 An armed robbery gang was squashed by men of the Rivers state police command on Monday, Nov 30th in Port-Harcourt. GPMG + bullet chain, AK47 and 2 loaded magazines were recovered from the men of the underworld. Three of the armed robbers were killed by a special Inspector-General Police anti-robbery squad who intercepted and gunned down the hoodlums and arrested one in a broad day-light shoot out at the busy UTC junction in Port Harcourt.

According to reports, the armed robbers who were heading for an armed robbery operation were temporarily delayed by the red traffic light at the UTC junction,which gave ample opportunity for the Special IGP Anti-robbery squad to catch up with them. However,noticing the anti-robbery squad on their trail, they opened fire at the detectives who immediately returned fire for fire resulting in the deaths and the arrest.

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