Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Two divers are found dead 300 feet underwater in the 'Mount Everest of cave systems'

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Divers Patrick Peacock and Chris Rittenmeyer have drowned while inside the Eagle's Nest cave system in Florida, which is described as the 'Mount Everest' for underwater explorers. Peacock (top right) and Rittenmeyer (bottom right) ventured down into the extremely dangerous sinkhole (main image) on Saturday, ignoring warnings not to enter the caves. A sign at the mouth of the system reads: 'Stop. Prevent your death. Go no father.'
It also features a picture of the grim reaper, left. Rescue teams were called by a third man who was with the two men, Justin Blakely, who waited on the surface of the cave as his friends explored. When they had not returned to the surface three hours after a planned meeting time, he called police. Peacock and Rittenmeyer are the ninth and tenth divers to die in the caves since 1981.

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