Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Car Thief Tracked From Edo To Delta State (photo)

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As we gear towards the December period, many crimes will sure be noted from youths and other sections of human race in other for them to be balance Financially.

This young man pictured was reportedly caught after he used a gun to snatch a jeep in Benin city (Edo State) which he succeed.

He was said to have driven the stolen car to Sapele (Delta State) to relax with some of his friends not knowing that the jeep which he had stolen has a tracker install already inside.

How He Was Caught

After he was tracked to Sapele, also with the help of some mobile Policemen, he was later caught while on the duty of him to go carry his alleged girlfriend for a ride.

The owner of the Jeep confirmed that it was the same boy who robed him with gun say.

The joy of this guy arrest was that he was the only one who committed the crime and also was the only person caught by the police.

What if they saw him with a friend in side the car, definitely, two of them would have been nabbed since a friend of thief is also a thief.

After the young man pictured was caught, he pleaded that it was just his first time of committing the act.


  1. Imagine. As young as he is, see the car he went to steal.

  2. Imagine. As young as he is, see the car he went to steal.


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