Thursday, 20 October 2016

Amala Korner- The tale of an Abuja big boy

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I have always admired this unique structure located in the heart of Abuja, made with tyres and conspicuously located close to the National Mosque, the unique painting ensures you don't pass it unnoticed, so when i was graciously invited to a hook up at the venue i hurriedly accepted the invite.

So we got to this venue and i was impressed, who ever did the interior is a genius, using re usable materials to create a splendor fit for an Abuja big boy, so i was at home and relaxed then the next thing was the meal.

Amala Korner at its best
As i sat an watched as they served the Amala, i salivated as a little child, so appealing and looking tasteful as those that ate it continued commenting, i entered my shell, as an Abuja big boy, not to fall my hand i had ordered a plate of rice/stew and plantain, while i was eating i only thought about the Amala and Gbegiri and sumptuous looking meat i was missing, see what my forming has caused me, i promised myself to go back alone this time around nothing like Abuja big boy.
Tatafonaija and my colleagues
It must be Amala all the way, will you join me


  1. Lol- All those forming big boy must read and see that they are missing out.

  2. it's definitely worth the time to spare from the picture view out here


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