Saturday, 10 September 2016

Wife Of British Sikh & Lover Murder Him So They Can Continue Their Love

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A woman having an affair with her husband's best friend has been accused of murdering him in a plot with her lover while he lay sleeping next to their young sons.

Brit Sukhjit Singh died during a month-long holiday in India after he was hit on the head with a hammer and his throat slit.

His wife of four years, Ramandeep Kaur Mann, and his childhood pal, Gurpreet Singh, are now accused of killing the devout Sikh after police allege they embarked on a sordid affair last November.

But last night her family denied the allegations and claim he was actually killed over a land dispute.

Cops told a press conference, Ramandeep, 31, put sleeping pills in her family's dinner before letting Gurpreet into her mother-in-law's house in Shahjahanpur, Delhi.

Gurpreet then allegedly hit Sukhjit, 34, on the head with a hammer while Ramandeep smothered him with a pillow as he lay sleeping next to his children, aged six and nine. Police believe the lorry driver also had his throat cut with a butcher's knife to make sure he was dead.

Gurpreet was arrested moments before he was due to board a flight to Dubai, and Ramandeep is believed to have handed herself in to Indian police.

They are alleged to have started an affair after Sukhjit reunited his friendship with Gurpreet when the couple visited India.

Sukhjit is then said to have refused Ramandeep's request for a divorce but it is unclear whether he knew of the affair.

Last week the suspects with faces covered in scarves were hauled by police in front of the foreign press.

Gurpreet Singh was then filmed appearing to confess to the crime.

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