Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Businessman shot in the chest by armed robbers gets saved by his mobile phone

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A businessman who has shot in the chest by armed robbers during a robbery in South Africa was saved when the gunman's bullet deflect off his mobile phone.

Siraaj Abrahams, 41 and father-of-five was returning home from a birthday party in his Hyundai pick-up truck when got ambushed as he pulled up outside his house in Cape Town. As he waited for his electric fence to open, two masked men pounced on him, trying to pull him out of his vehicle.

But Mr Abrahams decided to fight back. During the fracas, a 9mm bullet was fired at close range 
towards Mr Abraham's chest.

However, it miraculous hit off his smartphone, which he had stowed away in his jacket pocket.

He told the Daily Voice:

'I didn't even see it coming; the first one just pulled open the door. He pulled me out of the bakkie (truck) and we began to struggle.
'During the struggle, he second was, who was two metres away, fired a shot at me.'
Eventually the raiders ran off with just £15 in cash and even though Mr Abrahams was shaken - he was unhurt thanks to his mobile phone.

Now all he has to show for his 'near death experience' is a tiny mark on his chest and a hole in his jacket where the bullet struck.

Mr Abrahams' 16-year-old daughter, who was returning home from a friend's house, found her father lying on the driveway outside his car.
He added:

 'When I woke, I just felt this burning feeling over my chest and felt to see where it was and if there was blood.'
The 41-year-old was then rushed to hospital where an ECG report estimated Mr Abrahams' heart had stopped for a few seconds after the shot was fired.

His stunned wife Shamiela, 41, says her husband had been saved by an act of 'divine intervention'.

She said:

'We said Allah is great, because this is all God's work, everything had to happen the way it did. We received an ECG report that showed he had flatlined for a few seconds.'
Police are now investigating the attack and say that the two suspects are still at large.

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