Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Man claims he was Orlando shooter's gay lover & attack was 'revenge' after Mateen discovered a man he'd been with had HIV

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A PuertoRican man who goes by the name 'Miguel' (left - his identity was disguised with a mask during the interview) claims he had a relationship with Omar Mateen for two months between October and December last year after meeting him on Grindr and has alleged that Mateen's gay club attack was 'revenge' after discovering one of the men he had a threesome with, is infected with HIV.

According to Miguel, Omar Mateen loved to be cuddled and even told him his wife knew he was gay. He revealed that Omar was a regular at the Pulse night club in Orlando but decided to make them pay after one of the men he had a threesome with was discovered to be HIV positive.
Miguel described Mateen as a confused gay man and a heavy drinker who was attracted to - but felt rejected by - Latinos.
Speaking in fluent Spanish and broken English, Miguel said that despite Omar's HIV tests coming up negative, Mateen feared not enough time had passed for an accurate result, and he wanted to 'make them pay'.

Miguel told Univision he met Omar Mateen about 20 times at a hotel.
'The thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism,' Miguel told Univision's Maria Elena Salinas. 'In my opinion he did it for revenge.' 

During their casual relationship, Miguel says, Mateen spoke about Islam, describing it as 'a beautiful religion in which everyone is welcome - gays, trans, bisexuals, heteros, everyone.'
But it became clear that Mateen fostered a deep hatred for his own sexuality and for Puerto Rican gay men. 
'He hated Puerto Rican gays for all the bad stuff they did,' Miguel said.
'Pulse is where he felt used, rejected,' he added.
'He was always there and he was there because he liked Latinos and he was attracted to dark skin. But sadly, from what he told me, he felt used. 
'He felt anger, a lot of anger towards Puerto Ricans.' 
Miguel said he has reported his entire story to the FBI, and is currently being interrogated by federal officers. 

Source: Univision

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