Friday, 13 May 2016

Burna Boy threatens girl who refused to abort his love child, see

Girl storms Burnaboy's page to accuse him of abandoning her because she refused to abort the pregnancy she had for him.
Seriously am very concerned about the way ladies open their legs for celebrities, worst of all without protection and come to social media for support when they get pregnant.
I can comfortably say that being a baby mama is now a thriving profession for some ladies in Nigeria, when Davido's baby mama gets 300k  monthly what a lovely profession that even pays more than many white collar jobs. SEE THESE PRETTY BEAUTY CONTESTANT WERE ALL ONCE MEN CLICK HERE

So the work is getting a celebrity to sleep with you and of course not protected,  we have totally lost all our moral standards,  oh our mothers you have betrayed us,  you have failed to raise your sons and daughters well,  this is what we have become.
A generation of desperate seeking baby mama's, I think it's time to name and shame both the celebrities and ladies on this crazy Lane,  we need to  say enough of this absurdity, am sure this girl is still in secondary school or just entered University.
If you ask me, the lady should cover her face in shame and Burna Boy should be a better standard, I understand the pressure, but to whom much is giving much is expected, wait oh, who is even this girls mother. LEARN HOW TO MAKE AT LEAST N100,000 EVERY MONTH FREE ,CLICK HERE

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