Saturday, 17 January 2015

23-Year Old Wall Street Worker Quits To Become Porn Star - And Comes Up With Amazing Reason

                       A Wall Street intern has quit her job to become a porn star - saying she'll get screwed for a living either way.
                      Paige Jennings, 23, has offered a frank explanation for the drastic change in her career path, which seems based on the cut-throat principles of the world of finance.
                         Paige, whose porn name is Veronica Vain, revealed that she become fed-up of her previous role."Intellectually speaking, I love financial analysis and thinking," she told BroBible.
                     "However, I found that I was not cut out for the politicking required to be successful, and sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day really sucks the life out of you.

"So I started exploring other options that weren’t so stringent structurally."

She also tweeted: "I left finance because if I'm going to take it up the a** for a decade, I'd prefer to get in hall of fame for it."Speaking today, Paige added: "I finally feel like I am actually going to live every day to the fullest from here on out."

Paige began her career in porn by taking naked selfies in the toilets of her firm because she was bored.

The pictures formed part of her application for the porn reality show Sex Factor which she will compete in next month in Las Vegas.

It's been reported that University of Florida graduate is legally bound from revealing her former employer's name.Some Twitter users have praised her for changing careers.

Sam E. Antar tweeted: "Memo to @The VeronicaVain: You deserve credit. The porn business is much cleaner than business on Wall Street."

Another wrote that she'd done "what everyone else wants to do but doesn't have the balls".

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