Thursday, 3 April 2014

Is Flavour GAY? check out this picture he posted

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 Flavour took to his Instagram page to post this picture and trust Nigerians, immediately they started attacking him, see some of their comments below

Now the question is, do you think he is Gay? that guy is too close to him for comfort

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  1. He is not gay cant follow men swim together again?

  2. Y do we always think nagetive when u see 2 men swimming or ladies please nigeria try nd think right or u don't want poeple 2 have friends again

  3. Some Nigerians aint normal...they just say whatever comes to their head without thinkin...How does taking a picture without in a swmming pool with a friend makes you Gay??

  4. I wonder how 9ja brain d work self Dat means we no. Associate again na

  5. He is gay .. and so what?? aren't Gays human being. Flavour please Rock Your World. he got a wife. Not gay but Bisexual.....


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