Monday, 3 February 2014

White lesbian couple allowed to adopt three-year-old Muslim girl 'against the wishes of her family'

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So what's on your take on this,a white  lesbian couple adopts a black muslim girl,as far as am concerned,it's a show of unconditional love,anyway so this is what happened

A Muslim family have spoken out after a London council chose a white lesbian couple to adopt their three-year-old daughter.

The Somali family, who cannot be named, have claimed Harrow council in London ignored offers from members of their extended family to take in the girl.

The Somali family spoke out after decision by Harrow council
They say the girl's mother was not kept properly informed
Also claim family members offered to adopt, but were rejected
Council said that 'no Muslim adopters' were available for her

The mother, who has mental health issues and child cannot be named for legal reasons.

Ibrahim, a member of the family, complained that she was not kept informed about the adoption.

He also told The Sunday Times that relatives had not been told why their bids to take in the child were rejected.

Ibrahim said that the mother was told by letter that the adoptive parents had been found, and that she must say goodbye to her daughter at a meeting last Wednesday.

But after a protest from 50 people outside the Harrow civic centre, the council offered to review the case and asked the family to submit alternative adopters Friday

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