Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Stretching the truth: Hollywood film makers now using 'digital surgery' to stretch female stars to make them look taller and thinner

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 Hollywood film makers are apparently using a post production technique to stretch actresses, making them taller and slimmer.

They are reportedly using the cinematic equivalent of Photoshop to digitally extend the women after the film has been wrapped.

The technique is being branded 'digital surgery' and is also being employed to replace lines and wrinkles on the faces of stars who have had Botox

The new enhancement fad has been revealed after singer Britney Spears appeared in a documentary about her Las Vegas show, looking remarkably taller and slimmer.

The Sunday Times reports that the performer was 'digitally stretched' from her usual 162.5cm height, to appear 7.5cm taller.
The 32-year-old mother of two also looked much thinner than her already athletic, lean frame.
A source at Hoax Films, which worked on the documentary, said it had also given Ms Spears a 'digital slim-down' in her music video Work B***h.
Lola Visual Effects, which has worked on hits including The Wolf of Wall Street and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, has reportedly used digital surgery on films. A senior producer confirmed to the paper that it did use the technique but would not go into details about which films.

It comes after Australian bloggers suggested actress Margot Robbie appeared 'impossibly long-legged' in one of the main scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street.

In it she is seen pushing her husband away from her, wearing high heels.

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