Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Picture of the day-The strenght of a woman

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God knows i really appreciate all the mothers and women, what you go through for your family only a woman can go through that,tireless hours taking care of the kids,cooking,preparing the home and taking care of us men,even with all our shortcomings you are still there, most times without complaint, on behalf of the men i say a big thank you.

To my future wife, words will fail me to clearly elucidate my plans for you, whoever you are wherever you are, just know life with me will be the best you ever had.-Tatafonaija


  1. Wow! Dts a strong one.all d'same vry nice*smiles*

  2. Yes o Godbless all d Women in d world of which I'm 1 of dem & Godbless all d REAL MEN in d World too who recognised & Appreciate d Women in dia World, Godbless u all wtout u guys dia wud b no Us I on behalf of ma fellow Women says thanks too. I love women & I'm proud to b 1. Godbless All d Women in d World I love u all & to ma future husband just know u hv another loving mom in me. *smiles* kisses

  3. Hmmm. Tatafonaija talked abt future wife he's yet to know and Adaezejesus talked abt future husband she's yet to see...is it me or d 2 of them just saw their future? Ok o, mouth sealed but it will be wonderful anyway. Hehehehe

  4. God bless mothers and God bless u mum.RIP


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