Monday, 5 August 2013


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If you follow music you should know the likes of Toni braxton, DMX and Cisqo, what is common now amongst all of them is that they are all broke, DMX declared bankrupcy and even Toni Braxon had the rights of 27 of her hit song taken from her because of debts as of Cisqo he now begs for shows.

I write this because i see most of our celebrity musicians and artiste towing that same line,and i am deeply concerned,if you go through blogs what you see is the latest cars bought by each one like they are in compettiton against one another, while very few of them have very rich parents to fall back to, most of them have forgotten there humble  beginings, i dare say if they continue this way in the next 10 years they will be all broke,and the things they have now will have little or no value then.

With telecommunication companies dolling out millions of Naira to them and international tours raking in big cash for them in foreign currency, the last thing in their minds is investing, instead they spend it on cars,women, drugs, alchohol and gambling, i have one advice for them, go and ask Toni Braxton how does it feel to be broke, not a good feeling.

Please Nigerian artiste and celebrities invest your money now it is in abundance and secure your future, look for good investment opportunities and put your money there, activate a savings account, put 20% of what you make there monthly and don't touch it, if you really don't know what to invest in or you are too busy to do such,then contact me on 08035762639( investment consultant )  

Let he that has ears, listen to wisdom speaking

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