Friday, 28 September 2012

Chinese Billionaire offers 10Billion Naira to any man that can win the heart of and marry his lesbian daughter

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Cecil Chao, right, is said to have been upset when his daughter Gigi, left, announced at an event in Beijing that she had tied the knot with her long-term lover, Sean Eav, five months ago

I bet this lady has not met a Nigerian guy, Naija guys this is your chance to be a billionaire,  all roads lead to china, wait oh even facebook can work, its time to search for her on face book, i have not seen better scopers any where else in the world, and now they would be paid for it. well this is how the story is being reported

The Hong Kong tycoon who has offered £40 million to any man who can woo his daughter away from her lesbian partner claims to have had 10,000 girlfriends.
Playboy Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung, 76, made world headlines this week when he offered the HK$500 million marriage bounty after learning that his daughter Gigi had had a church union with her girlfriend in France.
The ladies man, who is chairman of property development firm Cheuk Nang Holdings, has never married and is known for his love of Rolls-Royces and for being a qualified helicopter pilot - a skill he shares with Gigi, who is one of three children he has had by three different women. 
Couple: Gigi Chao, right,and her girlfriend of seven years Sean Eav, had a church blessing in France

 ok Naija guys see the deal, this one na team work, anybody that gets her number, address or facebook id, you come here and share with the group, we would plan and execute this deal, anyone that wins her heart will give some part of the money to team members that contributed.

ON YOUR MARKS, SET, GO............

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