Monday, 3 September 2012

Brenda and Kemi Evicted from MTN Project Fame

As usual, it was an emotional show not only for the the contestants but also for the studio audience .

It was as tense as ever when show hosts Joseph Benjamin and Adora Oleh called on stage the contestants on probation Ayo, Brenda, Sonia, Kemi, and Grace, after they had all rendered solo performances.

After successfully performing their songs, the judges saved Sonia for bringing on the extra factor into her performance, the Faculty saved Ayo and Grace narrowly escaped the claws of elimination by the votes of some fellow contestants, leaving Brenda and Kemi as the unlucky two.

Meanwhile five new contestants Anthony, Henry, Daniel, Allonyx, Ella have been chosen as the best five from the pool of videos submitted. They were shortlisted and given a chance to show their stuff live on the show.

Your votes will determine the top two, one of whom will eventually join the contestants in the Academy.

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