Monday, 13 August 2012

WAS IT WORTH IT? 2 billion naira spent on Team Nigeria Olympic Team

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I will call this the flop of the century, Team Nigeria returning from the Olympics without a medal to show for it, imagine 2billion Naira wasted for nothing, i think its high time we took our sports everything we do seriously, you can imagine the minister of sports saying Great Britain spent 720 million pounds on there athletes that's why they are getting results and we spent only 100 million pounds. Lets do the math, Great Britain won 66 medals, that would make 10 million pounds for a medal, looking at the 100 million pounds Nigeria spent we should have won 10 medals, but we won nothing.

The minister also said he was going to reduce the number of sports we competed in from 8 to 5 for the next Olympic, i think this is utter nonsense, if he like he should reduce it to 1 sport, when you do not adequately prepare you will fail, Nigeria used only 3 months to prepare for an Olympic other countries took 4 years to prepare for. I think we should stop embarrassing our athletes, they are no magicians, let the Olympic committee and sports ministry put its act together, if not the next Olympic wont be any different.


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