Thursday, 17 January 2019

2 church guards arrested for stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants

Two suspects have been arrested by Police for allegedly stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants at the Mission House of an orthodox church in Akure, Ondo State.

The suspects, Samuel Linus and Adekunke Ogundana, who were security guards posted to the church, were said to have stolen the pants the lady spread overnight.
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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Guaranteed Perfect 20/20 Vision In Just 7 Days

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Monday, 24 December 2018

PRESS RELEASE: NCC assures that no telecom subscriber will be disconnected.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has assured the general public that none of the over 160million telecoms subscribers in Nigeria will be disconnected or suffer service disruptions as a result of its recent order to permit the disconnection of indebted operators from other operators' networks.
This assurance was given in Abuja earlier today by the NCC's Executive Commissioner for Stakeholder Management Mr. Sunday Dare.
Mr. Dare clarified that the approval given by the NCC was not for any network to disconnect subscribers as being wrongly presented in some media, but for some creditor networks to restrict services to debtor networks. He stated that "the NCC is a consumer-centric regulator; the protection of our consumers and the sustainability of the industry are the primary drivers of our activities. So in this case, even before we granted the permission for disconnection, we had put some very stringent safety valves in place to protect consumers and ensure that they continue to enjoy uninterrupted service while we address the very serious issue of indebtedness in the industry".
Giving a background to the issue of disconnection of networks, Mr. Dare stated that "over the years, the industry has been plagued with the very serious problem of interconnect and facility indebtedness. Some operators have racked up huge debts to others and have simply refused to pay. Now, we understand that there are ecosystem issues affecting all operators and we are daily working with all Stakeholders to resolve these issues, but the level of indebtedness in the industry is at an embarrassingly high level, and the whole telecoms industry is at risk of failure if we do not act".  
He stated further "this kind of problem should ideally not occur in an industry where over 90% of consumers are pre-paid. We had held several meetings with the parties and given several deadlines for the debtors to pay, to no avail. The Nigerian Communications Act of 2003 contains very strict consumer protection measures which we have continued to uphold, such as the requirement that no operator can disconnect another operator without the written approval of the NCC. But it appears that some operators were taken unfair advantage of this provision by racking up millions, sometimes billions of naira in debts to other operators, denying their creditors of funds to expand their networks and putting the industry in peril. Having done everything we could, including holding many meetings with the parties and brokering several payments plans to no avail, NCC has little choice in the matter but to grant the persistent requests of the creditor organisations to disconnect the chronic debtors in accordance with the Nigerian Communications Act and our Disconnection Regulations", he said.
Further reassuring subscribers, Mr. Dare noted that "there are a number of inbuilt safety valves we are implementing to protect consumers. In the first place, we had published a notice alerting both the debtors and the general public of the impending order to approve disconnection. This was published in major newspapers a few weeks ago, and we hoped the debtors will regularize their position, but they did not.  Under the law, the next step is to publish a pre-disconnection which we did earlier this week".
"You will notice that in the Pre-Disconnection Notice, we gave another period of ten and/or twenty-one days for the debtors (depending on whether they are service networks or exchange operators) to pay, so as not to lose their interconnection rights. We expect that as responsible business people, the debtor organisations will either pay up or agree satisfactory payment plans with their creditors. This is another safety valve for consumers – it will ensure that they continue to enjoy uninterrupted service"
"However, the worst case scenario is that the debtors would fail to pay up after this grace period. Even in that case, we have built in yet another safety valve for consumers. If and when we grant a final disconnection notice, we will only permit one-way disconnection in the first case. This means that consumers on the debtor networks may have some difficulty receiving calls, but they will still be able to call out to other networks without restriction. Also, we have a very robust number portability system in place so that those who wish can port to other networks. But we are hoping it would not come to this".
Mr. Dare therefore encouraged telephone consumers to be rest-assured, noting that the NCC will continue to use all its powers to protect both the consumers and the entire industry. "Our focus is to ensure that the telecoms industry is more strengthened, so that it can continue to drive growth across all facets of Nigeria's social and economic life", he stated.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Request For Assistance (Nicehash Support)!


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Request For Assistance (Nicehash Support)!


Nicehash are terminating accounts for
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But they can't shut this down.
People are receiving at least $520.21

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Clearly bitcoin doesn't want anyone
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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Davido to perform at Face Of Okija 2018

Davido performs live December 29, 2018 at Face Of Okija. During this performance, Davido will show a side of him never seen before. 

2018 Face Of Okija promises to be the best of the previous Four, packed with numerous cultural performances such as the legendary Nkpokiti dancers, Atilogwu dancers, the renowned Igbo Jaa Ogene Group.  All designed to provide unending  entertainment  on the usual date of December 29th every year.

This 5th Edition features other acts such as Ogbuoja Ndi Igbo, Ohafia War Dance, Hunters Dance by Obi Troop and Voix Celestes.

The biennial King And Queen Face of Okija Cultural Pageant is scheduled to take place this year.

 This Pageant is one of its kind and produces the finest young people who have qualities that are worthy of emulation.
This Pageant empowers our Youth to serve and give back to our communities and the society.

 The Face of Okija Cultural Pageant  reinforces the values that make us truly African. 

It is The Pageant With A Difference.

The event this year will also showcase  the Obijackson Children's Hospital and the ways in which they are transforming maternal and childcare in Nigeria. 

A great and exciting outing for the entire family this Christmas season.
Be there to rediscover what it means to be truly African.

For more information visit

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Regina Chukwu Celebrates Son @ Sixteen

Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu is celebrating her son’s birthday to day. She shared adorable photos of them together and wrote;

Drake Shows Of His Ripped Physique In Shirtless Selfie As He Holidays In Turks & Caicos Islands

That is one ripped rapper right there!!! Drake showed off an impressive physique via mirror selfie on Sunday.

Lilian Esoro Shares S-xy New Photo

Give them hot hot in her words!

Demonstrate You Can Win Without Prosecuting The Opposition, Shehu Sani Tells Buhari Government

Shehu Sani has also reacted to Peter Obi’s alleged frozen account, saying it will be right for the ruling establishment to demonstrate they can win without prosecuting the opposition. He tweeted the above defending the vice presidential candidate of the people's democratic party, Peter Obi.

Thursday, 6 December 2018


As preparation for this year"s edition of WEST AFRICA PHILANTHROPY AWARD intensifies, the organisers yesterday in Accra Ghana announced that the immediate past Vice President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency, Samuel Sam-Sumana will present this year's Keynote Address. His Excellency Samuel Sam-Sumana is the biggest Philanthropist that the West African Country of Sierra Leone has ever known, he is renowned for giving out scholarships and building Schools for his Kono Community, housing the disabled and feeding hundreds of poor people on a daily bases.

Speaking to Newsmen, the Director of Communication West Africa Philanthropy Award, Sharon Appiah  revealed that apart from delivering the Keynote address, His Excellency will be conferred with one of the Most prestigious Award as the PHILANTHROPIST OF THE YEAR. he is expected to fly into Accra on Friday, December 7th from his base in UK

The Second edition of the West Africa Philanthropy Award will hold this Saturday, December 8th, 2018 in Accra Ghana, with prominent Africans set to receive Awards, this includes the President of Ghana, His Excellency, Nana Akufor Addo, Former President of Liberia, Her Excellency, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Ogwunwusi, the Ooni of Ife and a posthumous Award for late Kofi Annan, among many others.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation and Water and Sanitation Courses

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Africa Institute for Project Management (AIPMS) (  in partnership with Change Institute, The Netherlands are pleased to announce the following Online Diploma  courses to be conducted from 1st January 2019 to 30th June 2019 (Six Months)

1) Diploma Course in Managing Development Projects and Organizations

2) Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation Course

3) Diploma in  Grants Management  Course

4) Diploma in Strategic Planning  Course

6) Diploma in Conflict Management Course

7) Diploma in Disaster Management Course

8) Diploma in  Leadership and Management Course

9) Diploma in Human Resource Management Course

10)Diploma in  Procurement Management  Course

11)Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management Course

12)Diploma in Community Development Course

13)Diploma in  Water Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH) Course

14)Diploma in Gender and Development

15)Diploma in Finance Management For NGOS

16)Diploma in Child Development

17)Diploma in Effective Organizational Development

18)Diploma in Community Home Based Care

19)Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics

20)Diploma in Humanitarian Diplomacy

21) Diploma in Humanitarian Nursing

22) Diploma in International Development

23) Diploma in Reproductive and Sexual Health

24) Diploma in Maternal and Child Health

25) Diploma in Climate Change

These courses are designed specifically for development organizations


Qualifications and Entry Requirements to the Diploma Course
- Degree or a Diploma from a recognized College or University
- Two Years work experience related to the area of study

Registration Procedure

At the inquiry stage, the applicant will be issued with the AIPMS application form which should be completed and returned with the relevant certificate. Qualified students are given a go ahead to pay the required tuition

Examination Policy
Throughout the course, students  will do work based assignments and continuous assessment tests (CAT) which account for 70% of the final score respectively. Final Examination is taken at the end of the course and account for 30% of the final score.

USD 800 course fee caters for registration fees, tuition, and examination Fees and course administration fees.The fee is payable in one or two instalments

Exercises: After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected to test their own Learning by completing some relevant exercises and tasks.

Assignments: In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit Ten assignments and One Examination Diploma  and Transcripts sent after successful completion of the course

DURATION AND COURSE LOAD: 24 Weeks - 5 to 6  hours per week

DATES: 1st January 2019  to 30th June 2019

PARTICIPANTS: Development Professionals



FORMAT: Online Learning

DISCOUNT: 15% If payment is received by 20th December 2018.( Fee payable therefore will be ($ 680)

Who Should Participate?

Development Professionals such as Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Program Officers, Project managers, finance officers and managers and other professionals who are involved in the development programmes.

Warm Regards,

Academics Coordinator.
Africa Institute for Project Management Studies (AIPMS)
Muthaiga Shopping Center
3rd Floor, Off Limuru Road
P.O BOX 58182-00200
Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile: +254 727-616783

Monday, 3 December 2018

LMAO! Read The Testimony Someone Gave In Church

Police Arrest Men & Women Trading In Naira Notes

The Kwara State Police Command on Saturday arrested 14 suspects in Ilorin for allegedly trading in naira notes.

Toke Makinwa, Ini Edo, Toyin Lawani Stand Out At The Premiere Of 'Chief Daddy' Movie

The premiere of Chief Daddy movie held last night at Oriental Hotel, Lagos and alot of celebrities stepped out for it... Toke, Toyin Lawani, Ini Edo, Ebuka are one of those who really stood out. More photos....

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Kate, Meghan & Beatrice Don Show-Stopping Jewels For Prince Charles' 70th Birthday Celebration

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex dazzled in show-stopping diamond earrings for Prince Charles' birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace last night.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Nigerian Man Buys Wife Who Has Been Having ‘Still Birth’ Year In, Year Out A Surprise SUV [Photos]

A Nigerian man has bought his wife, and mother of his two kids, who has been having still birth, year in, year out a brand new Infiniti SUV. Presenting it to her, and wanting to tell the world about how beneficial her role in his life has been, the husband wrote;

Manchester City's Sergio Aguero Spotted With Mystery Lady & Her ‘Friends’

Manchester City hotshot Sergio Aguero bagged a stunner on Sunday and he's also scoring off the pitch too.

Ajayi Crowther University Allegedly Expels 300L Student For Doing Drugs

A 300 level Economics student of Ajayi Crowther University, Adenowo Emmanuel Oreoluwa has allegedly been expelled from the university for doing drugs.
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